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Our professional care team

At TLC Care at Home Ltd, we have a professional team caring for people across Bewdley, Wyre Forest, Kidderminster, Stourport, Tenbury Wells and Cleobury Mortimer.

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Professional and friendly

We are a team of friendly, professional and reliable care assistants with a passion for caring, health and wellbeing. We promote independence and dignity as well as offer support and security in the lives of those in need.

Jacqui Jackson

Jacqui Jackson

Hello, my name is Jacqui and I am the Registered Manager of TLC Care at Home. I have a Level 5 in Leadership in Adult Health and Social Care, Level 3 in Principles of 'End of Life Care' and we are a family-run business; my partners are my daughter Tracey Lehner and my husband Peter Jackson.


People have often asked us ‘why did you start a care business?’ The answer is quite simple - we are all people who care about the community that we live in and want to help support people who need extra help.


A while ago we heard of a situation where someone had been receiving palliative care for many months. During the person’s last days, the care company concerned started charging for waking nights because she needed the toilet a little more often. This caused much distress to the person concerned and during the last weeks of her life, the client was looking for ways to raise the extra monies to support her waking nights care.  My daughter Tracey was also very concerned, as she knew this person very well; she remarked, ‘Mum, if we had a care company we wouldn’t treat people like this, would we?’ This remark planted a seed in my mind and 3 years later became TLC Care At Home.

Tracey Lehner

Tracey Lehner

My name is Tracey. I am a director of TLC Care at Home Ltd and hold a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Adult Health and Social Care and I am working towards being an Accredited Trainer. Before joining TLC Care At Home, I worked in the Care Sector for a number of years. Mainly my work before and now involved supporting people who have a palliative illness, managing and supporting a 24-hour x 7-day-a-week care support team.

I am also part of a team that inducts and mentors new support workers into their role. We work very hard to ensure our team are trained and work to the highest standard, so that we achieve the best possible outcomes for the people we support.

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

My name is Peter. I am the Training Manager at TLC Care At Home. I have been in training for the last 10 years working in various sectors including the motor trade with companies like Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. I am an Accredited Trainer with the AoHT (Association of Healthcare Trainers) and hold a Level 3 Award in Education and Training and I have a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Adult Health and Social Care.

Training plays a vital part in maintaining the high standards of our staff. My expertise in delivering course content challenges the delegates, so they can put into practice the many skills required to be compassionate and caring carers.

The courses that we deliver to all our caring staff include People Moving and Handling, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Infection Control, Food Hygiene and Medication Competency. They are all certified and reviewed regularly. We use colleges and other training partners for our NVQ Qualifications.  

Expertly trained staff – going that extra mile!

Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals are chosen not only for their compassionate nature, their honesty, their reliability, and their sense of commitment and dedication, but also for their desire to go that extra mile, taking care to another level.


Our team undergo a rigorous induction training programme that is delivered by an accredited trainer. Our staff are encouraged to advance their knowledge by attending training courses that cover all aspects of health and safety. This includes Emergency First Aid, People Moving and Handling, Food Hygiene, and Safeguarding. We offer college and distance learning courses in specialist areas such as Dementia as well as our own in-house training. We also train carers on Pressure Sore Awareness, Stoma Care and Catheter Care, with courses led by professional trainers and specialists.


We also have regular supervision, appraisals, spot checks and observations.


Questionnaires are sent out to the people we support on a regular basis and to our care staff. These forms are filled in and sent back anonymously. Our team will review their findings and these will be displayed in graph form in our office, compliant with CQC regulations. All reviews are discussed with management who will observe their findings, and action will be taken to improve the service where required. Our mission is to maintain an excellent service that we and our clients are proud to be a part of.

Do you have a query about our professional care team?

Please view our FAQs and real-life care stories, or contact our friendly, helpful staff at TLC Care at Home Ltd in Bewdley, Wyre Forest, Kidderminster, Stourport, Tenbury Wells and Cleobury Mortimer.

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